Unposting reposting jobs behaviour

Morning all,

We have identified the application URL is not updated when a job is unposted and reposted. 

What seems to be happening is;

- Post a job - Correct apply link available

- Job expired and then re-posted at a later date - Correct apply link available

- Job unposted and then reposted after the next export runs - Correct apply link available

- Job unposted and then reposted before the next export runs - The wrong apply link is available

Where possible we would ask updates are made to a job and that unposting/reposting is avoided. 

All the below updates can be made to a live job

- Changes to advert text

- Changes to an application process

- Changes to a closing date

- Changes to the search options selected

Following the update please ensure a save is done via edit job advertisement. 

Should you need to unpost and repost a job we would ask the job is unposted and after 30 minutes reposted, this will ensure the correct application process is pulled through to the reposted position.

Please be assured we are working with our technical teams to identify a resolution. 

If you have any questions regarding the above behaviour please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you 


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