'Corporate Library' Templates - please review

Good morning all,


I wanted to use this forum to bring to your attention a couple of instances involving  master templates being branded or amended with the TalentLink organisation of  ‘Corporate Library’.


Corporate  Library is an area which was created when we first went live with TalentLink, which contains best practice/master templates of forms and communication  templates. These templates were created with the premise that you as users  could copy these master templates into your own environment on TalentLink and tailor the copies, rather than creating several templates from scratch.


We have  been made aware of a couple instances whereby the master templates sitting within Corporate Library have been amended (rather than copied to a specific  organisation) and in turn, this has resulted in the master template information being lost and branded with specific organisation details.


A further issue we have experienced is that some of these master templates which have  been amended are sitting against steps within an active Selection Process step  for certain organisations, which means that the master templates are showing with an organisation’s branding which doesn’t particular belong in their specific Selection Process.


This in turn, is causing the team here to react to these issues, and are spending an  increasing amount of time trying to identify and rectify instances where this has happened.


Can I firstly ask – if your organisation uses the Corporate Library, please ensure that you copy forms, emails or templates and ensure changes are made to copies rather than the master templates to keep the information generic.


Could you all please review your active Selection Processes to ensure the correct communication templates and forms are sitting against the correct steps within your process to avoid further issues.


If you need extra guidance on copying templates or updating your selection process, please visit our Configuration Topic Home Pages which include detailed how-to guides of what steps you need to take.


If you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the team.


Kind regards,


WMJobs Team