Issue with online application form - Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Dear colleagues,

We wanted to give you an update regarding the issues we’ve been experiencing around the online application form.  Since Wednesday of last week, we have been experiencing intermittent issues with the online application form and briefly, experienced difficulties accessing the Candidate Home Page (CHP).

The CHP connectivity has been resolved, although we’re aware that issues are still being experienced with the online application.

Currently our investigations have found that both a platform update and patch release have interrupted our redirect to the application. This has been escalated with our technical support team and is being dealt with as a priority.

As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
WMJobs Team

Good Morning 

We are very happy to confirm the problem with the online application form has been resolved. All new and existing jobs are working as expected, therefore candidates should not experience a "session ended" message. As a result when changes are made to a position you no longer need to notify the team here. 

Thank you very much for your patience whilst this has been reviewed and please accept our apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused to you and your teams. 

Many thanks

WMJobs Team

Good afternoon all,

To make you aware, we are still working with our technical teams to put a permanent fix in place for the issues we are continuing to experience with the online application.

There is a workaround in place, whereby new positions affected by the issue are being manually updated by the team here to alleviate issues candidates may experience. 

We have found that is positions are updated on TalentLink, this can break the apply link, therefore, if you make any changes or you experience the error messages we've made you aware of, please get in touch with the team and we will aim to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.

Kind regards,

WMJobs Team