Amending, renaming and deleting levels of your organisational structure within Talentlink will have a significant impact on your existing reports within the system, therefore, before making any decision to create, amend or delete levels, you'll need to take into account the following factors;

Amending or renaming an organisational level will result in the change showing immediately in your reporting and will also show on existing job requisitions within Talentlink as well as new positions created. Therefore, if you need to be able to report on the old organisation name, it may be worth you creating a new level within the structure, rather than renaming the existing level so that you can see the data for the old level as well as the new. 

If you are creating a new level to replace an old one, we recommend that you prefix the previous level with 'Z DO NOT USE', which will mean that on your reporting, you will be able to easily identify that this is an old organisation level, and will also appear at the end of any lists this organisation appears within Talentlink, for example, on your structure when raising a vacancy - users will know not to use the value;

Deleting an organisation level will remove this level entirely from reporting and you will no longer be able to retrieve information which has been raised against this organisation within Talentlink as the organisation will be removed on a job requisition level. 

We strongly recommend that you do not delete organisation levels. Once you have deleted the level, you will be unable to retrieve this.

Also note that if you decide to amend your organisational structure, you are only able to report up to Level 3 of your organisation.