Yes – amending the name or deleting values within a list will have an impact on your reporting.

If you amend the name of a value within field you have created, this change will show instantly on reports, and on your job requisitions and conditions forms within the system, therefore, if you need to report of the old name of the value, we suggest that you de-active this value and create a new one. To de-activate, this is outlined in Organisation Properties.

If you delete a value, this will be removed from the system and you will no longer be able to report on this and the data relating to this value cannot be retrieved.

We strongly recommend that you do not delete values

Amending values can also have an effect on your contracts if you are using these in conjunction with your conditions form as the merge fields built into your contracts are linked to the names of your fields. These have to match in order for data to be merged into your contract. Please check which fields sit in your contract before making amendments