If you are unable to active/de-active a field, more than likely, the field you are trying to manage is a global field which sits in the system. This means that only Global System Administrators are able to active/de-activate the field.

An example of this would be the field, ‘Safeguarding check’;

This is a field which was created to be used by all subscribers within the partnership, therefore, ultimate control of the field lies with the WMJobs Team so that this can’t be de-activated or no values changed so this doesn’t affect reporting.

If you are in a position where you want to de-activate what you suspect is a Global Field, raise a Service Centre ticket with the team and this can be removed for you.

If you suspect that the field you are trying to active/de-active isn’t a global field, it could be that you do not have the necessary roles under User Management to manage the conditions of your Job Requisition Template or Conditions Form.