There could be several reasons why your Job Approval Process isn't working as you think it should;

The process hasn’t been enabled or the new steps within the process haven’t been enabled

You can enable your process by navigating to ‘Process Management’, and for Job Approval Process, select ‘Manage Models’;


Under Process Information, you will see the option ‘Disable’ here;

Make sure this box has been unticked.

To ensure your steps are enabled, within Process Properties, underneath the number of the step will be a check box – ‘Enable Step’;

Ensure this box is ticked.

Also, be mindful that new processes will only apply to new vacancies created within TalentLink. If a vacancy already exists in your environment but hasn’t been approved, this will be linked to your old process.

The new process hasn’t been linked to an existing Qualifier

If you have a Qualifier linked to a Job Approval Process currently, it could be that you haven’t assigned the process to an option within the Qualifier. For more information about Qualifiers, please visit our Service Centre.

The new process isn’t linked to a Qualifier, but hasn’t been set as the default for the organisation

If you aren’t using a Qualifier for your Job Approval process, ensure that your new process has been set to your default process for your organisation.