The new User Interface in TalentLink is something the team are very excited about! 

Ready for our launch on Monday, 20 November, the team held a day of workshops to give our subscribers the opportunity to get 'hands on' with the interface and see it for themselves with the help of Kat from Lumesse and Melissa from the WMJobs Team. 

During the workshop, questions were raised about what happens on the 'Go Live' date, so below are key points that you need to know;

Activation of the new interface will be performed throughout the day

On the 20th November the new interface will be activated by Lumesse. Whilst this will be done first thing, it will take most of the day for the new interface to roll out across all users, meaning some of your users may see it sooner than others!

First logon changes

Once the deployment has been completed, upon first logon to TalentLink, you will be asked to select your user group. This question has been asked to help the Lumesse Team understand the different user groups who use the Talentlink system, which in return will help with future developments to the new interface;

          The following values are available in the pre-defined list:

          - Head of HR / VP of HR

          - Head of Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Manager

          - RPO Account Manager / Director

          - HR Administrator / HR Generalist

          - Hiring Manager / Line Manager

          - Recruiter / Resourcer

          - TalentLink System Administrator



Also, during the workshop, Subscriber Actions were discussed. See attached the suggested Subscriber Actions and below a summary;

Familiarisation period
All advanced users have the new interface activated on their sandbox accounts. Once logged in to access the interface please select the below option;


The feedback from Lumesse clients who have already activated this has been extraordinarily positive! See below some quotes which can be used in your comms;

“We fell a little out of love with TalentLink but the new UI has refreshed us and made it so much easier to use”

“Our recruitment team love the new UI, far more modern and easier to use” 

“I just wanted to feedback that the new talent link system is brilliant! Lots of pros”

Lumesse have also put together a 5-minute video which outlines the new features and improvements - you can view the video by clicking the below link and can include this in your communications;

We covered a few other key areas during the day;

Pre-screening tool - a new piece of functionality!

The main question raised during the interface workshop was “How can we use this alongside our shortlisting process”. We would suggest this is reviewed further locally and should you have any questions, please do get in touch. 

Tasks and messages - are more prominent!

Lumesse customers have shared queries have been raised as the tasks and messages are now more prominent , therefore we would advise informing your users they may need to carry out an archiving task. 

Job List Configuration - it is now easier to configure your jobs list!

On the new interface you can add more columns to your jobs list and select several, we would suggest reviewing this as it will be a great tool to help you to manage your vacancies. 

New Applicant list reminder - this can be configured!

The selection and hiring process applicant list view can be configured per organisation, for more information on this click here.