During the Recruitment and Resourcing event held on Friday, 9 February, we showed you a quick demo of the new 'Source' functionality - this is now available in your environment to use and have put together an information guide which covers the essentials of Source which is attached to this page;

  • What is 'Source'?
  • What is available within Source?
  • What functionality does Source have?
  • A step-by-step guide on how to use Source with a mention of using Custom Question Filtering available on your Selection and Hiring tab within a vacancy on TalentLink

The highlights available in the Source module are;

  • Source allows you to search for candidates within your TalentLink database - either internally or externally, dependent on bundle
  • You can use 'keywords' and 'terms' as criteria to search for candidates within TalentLink and find the candidates that you need - you can also use pre-defined filters to further manipulate your search criteria
  • Once you have sourced your candidates, you can contact them directly through the Source module
  • You can save your searches and create pools (which are known as 'projects') which makes them easy to manage

If you want to know more about Source, contact the team by raising a ticket through the Service Centre and we'll be more than happy to help.

Happy sourcing!