There are several factors that could affect you finding a user within the system. We have outlined a list below of things you need to consider;

What type of user you are trying to find

When searching for a user, you need to make sure that you are searching under the correct user portal. If, for example, you are trying to find an advanced user, you to make sure you are searching under the Advanced Portal tab on your User Management screen.

Also, there could be a possibility your user has been inputted incorrectly, therefore, it is best to check all tabs if you are still having problems finding your user.

What organisation the user sits under

If you have filtered your search by ‘Organisation’, does this user sit under this organisation? Search each organisation if you are unsure.

If the user is still active

If a user has been disabled, they will not appear in the ‘Active users’ list – they will appear as ‘Inactive’. You can search inactive users, by selecting ‘Inactive’ on the User Management screen.

If the user you are searching for is ‘Inactive’, you can re-able them by clicking into their profile and under ‘User Information’, click ‘Enable User’

The criteria being used to search

If you are using ‘Advanced Search’ to find your user, you may need to think about the criteria you are using to search.

If the user’s email address has been entered incorrectly on the system, if you are just trying to find your user by their full, correct email address, the user won’t appear on your search.

If you are having trouble finding a user, you can enter part of a name or email address to narrow down your search.