As agreed as a partnership, the retention periods surrounding the archiving of candidates has been updated as part of GDPR. This is a change will be made by the WM Jobs Team, therefore no action is required by you.

These have been updated to;

Existing candidates

Existing candidates who have already applied prior to the above change will have consented to the existing Data Privacy Statement and retention periods, therefore, the system will archive based upon these retention periods, not the new ones.

New candidates

From the time that this change takes place, any candidate who applies for a role on the WM Jobs website will be agreeing to these new retention periods therefore, once a candidate is moved to a terminal status within a selection process, they will be archived inline with the new time periods.

Withdrawn candidates

Please note that if a candidate withdraws their application form from the recruitment process or a user of TalentLink moves a candidate to the status of 'Withdrawn', their information will remain in the system for 14 days - once this date is reached, the candidate's data will be deleted/destroyed along with any other information gathered throughout the recruitment process.

In line with the new retention periods that have been agreed, Lumesse have rebuilt how the archiving and deletion rules work within TalentLink.

Currently, the archiving rules work off the candidate’s profile meaning, if a candidate has applied for more than one role, they will remain visible against all jobs they have applied for, regardless of which organisation(s) they have applied to until all their applications have reached a terminal status and then met their retention end date.

This has now been changed so that archiving now works from an application so that it can consider the different candidate consents that can be given and to ensure archiving works off each application. Moving an application to a terminal status will start the clock on the retention period. Terminal statutes in TalentLink are any of the following;









The change to archiving of the candidate’s application rather than profile will mean that you will no longer continue to see their application against your job(s) they applied to when their retention period has ended because they have applications in process with other organisations.