As part of GDPR, the WM Jobs Team will be activating the ‘Auto-closing’ functionality within TalentLink.

The Auto-closing function will ensure that when a job has been posted and all available posts have been hired to, any remaining candidates who are in process will be moved to a ‘Rejected’ status, 30 days after the last available post has been hired to.

This doesn’t take away your need to housekeep your candidates but the Auto Close function will act as a safety net to ensure that the archiving clock begins if you are updating candidates to a status of ‘hired’ within TalentLink.

No e-mails will be sent to the candidate through this process and you are still able to bring back any candidate to an active status from the rejected position should you wish to after this action has taken place.

When a candidate record is Auto Closed, you will have the audit history display on the candidate record in several places. 

On the candidate overview screen you will see the status "Auto-Closed" display. 

Within the selection and hiring tab, if you have "Application Status" selected as an active column, the "Auto-Closed" status will display here. 

Lastly this will display as an entry on the candidate history tab.