For existing candidates who are present in the system and still being processed, the application consent for these candidates may be missing as the candidates will not have agreed to the new data privacy policy for application processing. 

For anyone who considers consent as the legal basis to process candidate data, Lumesse have enabled an option within the system to obtain consent from existing candidates for any missing consents via an email communication.

A new merge field has been added to communication templates called 'DP consent request';

By adding this merge field, this will add a link to an email which you will send to candidate's via 'Contact by Email', and this will take the candidate to a consent page where all the position's they are in process for will display and ask them to consent to Data Privacy Statements for each post;

Once the candidate has read the Data Privacy Statement(s), selected the positions and submitted their response(s), their Candidate Overview will update to show that no outstanding consents are required.

Initially, their overview will display the below icon to indicate that a consent is missing;

Once they've agreed, this icon will be removed;

As a note - the consent page that the candidate see's is hosted by Lumesse, therefore, no branding option is available.