Sending sensitive candidate documents such as CVs, Cover Letters etc. in emails as attachments could risk the integrity and confidentiality of candidate's personal data. If a candidate requests deletion of their data from the system, ensuring the data is deleted from emails sent to third parties is not possible.

Because of this, Lumesse have introduced functionality which enhances the viewing of email attachments sent from TalentLink. Attached files to an email will be replaced with a 'View attachments' link, whereby the end user will need to enter a pin and they will be able to view the documents in an attachments viewer page.

It is important to note that there will be one link per email and not one link per attachment, so if you have multiple attachments, one link will appear and the viewer will show you all the documents attached to the email.

To use the functionality, when sending an email from TalentLink to an external user, you will see at the bottom of the window a checkbox, 'Secure Attachments';

If checked, when the end user receives the email sent from the system, they will see in the top right hand corner, a 'View attachments' link;

When they click onto the link, they will be asked to provide their email address and a 6 digit pin in order to access the files; 

Once the information has been entered, the end user will be able to view the documents;

Also note that the PIN is valid for the browser session, so if the browser is closed, a new PIN can be requested by re-opening the documents again from the original email.

From this viewer, the end user will be unable to print or save a copy of the attachments locally or forward this information onto another party.