As informed via email, TalentLink Release Version 18.4 is scheduled to be deployed on Wednesday, 27 June 2018.

During this deployment there will be no service outage and both Back Office and Front Office will be fully available.


Lumesse will release enhancements to the modules “Recruit”, “Engage”, “Exchange”, and “Build” and will continue to deploy changes with relation to GDPR, which we will keep you updated on.

From the release, one of changes will be the ability to change the Jobs list view to view pending approvers;

A new column is available on the job requisitions list which you access from your 'Jobs' icon to show the responsible person(s) assigned to the pending approval step.

You would add this column through the cog icon on your jobs list;

Once the column in selected in 'Customize Job Opening Section', the user can directly identify who should take next steps in the process. If there are many approvers assigned to the current step, the full list is accessible in the tooltip.

Lumesse will also be introducing changes to functionality which will be available in Sandbox first, in order to allow our users time to test and understand the functionality. This will then be rolled out to all live slices with version release 18.5. The changes to functionality are as follows;

With the 18.4 Release we extend our Candidate Review App functionality, used by the Panel Review Feature, to other Selection Step Types including CV Review, Additional Assessment and Interview Feedback.

To provide efficiency for our Customers, we have expanded the scope of the Candidate Review App functionality to include all tasks related to CV Review, Additional Assessment and Interview Feedback. This will allow users to easily and efficiently review candidate documents and provide feedback and ratings in one intuitive screen, with information organised in a more effective manner.

Clicking on task related to CV Review, Additional Assessment and Interview Feedback will now take users to the enhanced Candidate Review App, where they will see a list of the jobs and candidates on the left, the candidate summary and documents in the middle, and the rating and comments section on the right. Feedback is currently able to be provided via a subsequent popup linked from the right hand side section, however we are analysing the ability to embed this feedback form into the app in the future.

Screenshots are provided below:

As a first step, please click on “Provide feedback” type of task available from the dashboard, for CV Review, Additional Assessment or Interview Feedback

After clicking on the task you will be moved to the new app where documents can be reviewed and feedback can be provided.

With the 18.4 Release we introduce a new email notification to be delivered immediately to TalentLink Advanced and MSS Users when they are assigned a CV Review Task.

Currently a user can choose to enable event notifications (User Settings>Event Notification), which will deliver a summary of activity including tasks and messages, on an hourly or daily schedule. This new feature allows a user to additionally receive a specific email notification when they are assigned a CV Review task, as soon as the assignment takes place.

This task notification can be activated in User Settings>Event Notification>Task Notification Settings, per the screenshot below. Please note that the view of this section is likely to change in the future as we roll this out to other tasks and selection steps.

The email template that will be used in this task notification is based upon the default communication template set up in the selection process for related tasks of a CV Review type. For cases where no default communication template has been set up, a new email message has been created, which the user can edit when assigning the task, as shown below:


Perform CV Review for (Candidate First Name Candidate Last Name) Application


Dear (Reviewer name)

You have been assigned a CV Review task for the (Job Opening Title) position

Please follow this link to log in to Lumesse Talentlink where you will be able to review the candidate’s documents and provide the necessary feedback.

Thank you

From this new CV Review task notification they will be able to login to TalentLink and be taken directly to the new Candidate Review App, specifically for the CV Review task associated to the email. There will be no attachments in this email and all candidate documents including the CV will be in the app.

This feature currently only applies to tasks related to selection steps with the type of CV Review. We are currently planning for the ability to roll this out to other tasks and selection step types

This feature is only available for TalentLink Users, and not External Email users

This feature will be activated by Lumesse in Sandbox in 18.4 for all users who have Event Notifications activated, and subsequently in live slices in 18.5 for these same users. Should these users not wish to have the task notification, it can be deactivated by themselves in their User Settings. All other users may activate the new task notification themselves in their User Settings, in Sandbox in 18.4, or in live slices with the release of 18.5.

A full version of the release notes is attached to the article.

If you have any queries regarding the version release, please contact the team.

Many thanks,

WMJobs Team