The New Enhanced Panel review provides more convenient and intuitive Panel Review step management, thanks to the clear and organised display of information. Styling of the application is aligned with the new User Experience.

As a step of the selection process, the Panel Review feature is enhanced with additional functionality. Panel Lead and Panel Members can now provide, beside the feedback report, rating and evaluation comments for each of the candidates. This new tool helps to easily review applications and provide the necessary feedback.

This introduces new useful features:

  • Candidate rating (scale 1-5)
  • Sorting candidates by rating
  • Collaborative candidate rating, including feedback and ratings from additional Panel Members and experience.

At the bottom of this page, you will see our Enhanced Panel Review Training Guide, which covers;

  • Activation and Setup
  • Options available for Panel Members to see each other’s ratings and comments
  • How to review and provide ratings and comments
  • How to review applications in the updated view
  • How to provide feedback as a Panel Member
  • How to provide feedback as a Panel Lead
  • Overall Rating and Comments on the Applications Page

We'd strongly suggest that if this is a functionality you are interested in, to test this fully within Sandbox first to ensure the functionality meets your business needs, before rolling this out to your organisation.

If you have any queries regarding panel review, please raise a ticket via the Service Centre and we'll be more than happy to help.

You're good to go!