As informed via email, TalentLink Release Version 18.7 is scheduled to be deployed on Tuesday, 6 November 2018.

During this deployment there will be no service outage and both Back Office and Front Office will be fully available.


The release will contain many updates, please see a summary below.

  1. Candidate tags help you easily segment candidates outside of existing fields, for easier searching and filtering
  2. They can also be used to provide important, easily visible information to the recruiting team.
  3. Tags can be assigned to a candidate from the pre-screening app, CV review and Candidate Record.
  4. This will be enabled for the Sandbox in 18.7 then Live environment in the 18.8 release

Please note GSA / Global and Local administrators will be able to create ‘Tags’

In the job list, there is a new filter available called “Approval step name” and the column “Approval step” is now sortable.

When an approval request is sent to an approver, there is a new option available to resend the approval request to the approver.

When a job status changes to Closed or Closed/Filled, the submitted approval tasks are automatically archived.

For the emails and letters used in candidate communication and emails used in selection process communication to users, one new email merge field “Latest application date” is available in the “Application” group.

Users are now able to edit their comment in the Selection/Hiring list.

When a CV Review step is submitted to a TalentLink user that has enabled the Task notifications, there is an option to save the notification email in the candidate documents.

Users who submit the offer will now receive notifications when the process is accepted or rejected.

Improvements of display and scalability – meeting the needs of our customers it will be possible to use the feature on small screens and mobiles.

Recommendations upgrades – recommendations based on your former approval requests will be enhanced with all of the values that can be set in Offer Approval (i.e. type of approval, templates, due dates, email priority, email sensitivity and minimal amount of signatures.

My and Our Hires reports have been updated to be based upon the Hired Date, rather than the Opening Creation Date.

My and Our Hires, Postings and Candidates reports have been updated to include the Job Number field in the pivot table and excel export. The Hires report also now contains the Candidate ID.

All reports have now been updated to include data from Organisation Level 5 and below.

A full version of the release notes is attached to the article.

If you have any queries regarding the version release, please contact the team.

Many thanks,

WMJobs Team