The fifth webinar in our lunchtime series, delivered by Nic - 'Version Release Enhancements - 'Custom Applicant Filtering and Disable OBS option'.

Nic delivered the webinar on Thursday, 8 November and covered the version release enhancements of Custom Applicant Filtering and Disable OBS including a live demo of both.

The agenda for the webinar included;

  • What is 'Custom Applicant Filtering'?
  • A demo of Custom Applicant Filtering
  • Disabling an OBS - how does it work
  • Using reports to help

If you were unable to watch - not to worry! View the webinar by clicking the icon below;


At the bottom of this article, you'll find a copy of the slides used during the webinar - 'Version Release Enhancements - Custom Applicant Filtering and Disable an OBS'. 

We hope you enjoy!