As informed via email, TalentLink Release Version 18.8 is scheduled to be deployed on Wednesday, 19 December2018.

During this deployment there will be no service outage and both Back Office and Front Office will be fully available.


The release will contain many updates, please see a summary below.

1.New User Experience: System Message for Users switching to Classic UX

The Classic User Experience is not applicable for many of these new features and will no longer be supported as of July 2019, with a view to remove the Classic User Experience from the system as of July 2019.  When users now switch to the classic view, a message will display, see the release notes for more information. 

2. Candidate Tagging

With Talent Link 18.8 release, Candidate tagging will be activated within the live environment. 

  1. Candidate tags help you easily segment candidates outside of existing fields, for easier searching and filtering
  2. They can also be used to provide important, easily visible information to the recruiting team.
  3. Tags can be assigned to a candidate from the pre-screening app, CV review and Candidate Record.
  4. This will be enabled for the Sandbox in 18.7 then Live environment in the 18.8 release

For more information on this, please see the release notes. 

3. Mandatory Reason of rejection per Organisation

This enhancement insures that users are providing the reason of rejection for all rejected applications.

4. Warning message when sending email to candidate

When sending an email to a candidate without a job or application context, the user will see a warning message.

The system will inform you about the visibility of the emails sent without a job or application context and the possible issues which can be caused when the email contains job and application related merge fields.

5. Updated notification when interview feedback is submitted

With TalentLink release V18.8, Lumesse are updating the notification message that a step owner receives once the interviewer submits the feedback. They have done this to improve the usability and make it more understandable to users.

6. Job requisition format – label change

Lumesse are updating the label for “Start date” to “Due Date” in the Job Requisition format for Permanent Recruitment and Job Requisition format for Contractor Recruitment. If this field is been used in your contracts, please do review the contract template as you may need to re-map the field. If you encounter any difficulties then please do contact the WMJobs Team. 

7. Candidate review tool – differentiate the candidates to be reviewed

In the Candidate review tool, for the candidates that have the feedback already provided, Lumesse are adding more details in the list of candidates. This will make it easier for you to review and provide candidate feedback.

8. Upgrades to Applicants List

New column “Most Recent step”

New column has been added - called “Most Recent Step”. This has been added as Lumesse understand that the selection process steps are not always performed in chronological order. This new column will help you identify the most recent step the candidate is sat at within your selection process. 

Feedback columns show step decision

“Feedback” columns will be upgraded to display step Decision. If you have decisions assigned to your feedback forms, this will now display within the applicants list.

9. NEW Report: Engage Statistics

For all users who use Analytic reports in TalentLink, a new report will be available called Engage Statistics, providing insight into visitor engagement and candidate success across the application process and selection process. For more information on what the report displays, please see the release notes. 

Please note this report is under review with the WMJobs team, we will provide a further update on this shortly. 

10. New web service – Candidate Summary web service

This information relates to API/Integrations, if this is something which you have setup or are considering setup then please do share the information with your IT teams. 

A full version of the release notes is attached to the article.

If you have any queries regarding the version release, please contact the team.

Many thanks,

WMJobs Team