'STYPE' code allows you to measure the effectiveness of your paid for sourcing channels (such as LinkedIn, external Job Boards) and see these sources within a TalentLink candidate record via the Selection/Hiring tab.  

How does it work?

You can do this by adding a piece of code to the end of an apply link for a role and if the application form is accessed through this link, it will be recorded in TalentLink.

In order to achieve this, the code that would need to be added is as follows:


With the in mind, an example apply link would be:


The Sourcing Channel for the role against the Selection/Hiring tab would then appear as ‘Facebook’:



How to amend an apply link

In order to obtain the apply link for a role, you are now able to use the Send Job Advertisement by Email functionality:

By using this functionality, you can send a job advert to potential candidates with a direct link to the online application form. In this scenario, the advert can be sent to a recruiter to obtain the apply link and amend accordingly for sourcing purposes.

By clicking Send Job Advertisement by Email a pop-up box will appear:

Enter the email address to send the advert to and enter the subject of the email.

Under Sourcing Channel Type, click into the box and select from the drop-down options External site:

An option will appear underneath for External Career Site to be selected:

Click Select.

This will populate the Sourcing Channel Type and Sourcing Channel Name.

Under Include, ensure Online Application is ticked:

Click Send.

In the email that is received, at the bottom there will be a link – click here to apply online:

By clicking the link, this will take you to the online application form.

From the browser, grab the apply link which should something like the following:

https://wme-applicants.stage.4matnetworks.com/apply?jobId=Q8JFK026203F3VB8M796GF661-                          97272&langCode=en_GB&step=DIRECT 

Remove “&step=DIRECT” from end of URL and replace with “&sType=Sourcename

This means the link will become:


The source will then start to be captured wherever the apply link is placed.