TalentLink provides the ability to create a job advert print out poster which includes a QR Code which leads to the application form.

Many job-seekers are ‘passers by’ or customers, and these job seekers can now read a formatted print out poster, displayed on a counter top or window, and easily apply from their mobile device, by scanning the QR code which will take the job-seeker directly to the application form for that job – it’s also a good option to you if you plan to promote vacancies at an events or a jobs fayre. 

How does it work?

A QR code is generated on a job-by-job basis through the Generate Job Advert Poster option, accessible via the posting tab: 

How to obtain a QR code

After clicking the Generate Job Advert Poster option, a pop-up box will appear will several options:

As a standard, within Content, there will be a merge field which will automatically generate a QR code. You can either generate simply the code and generate a poster outside the system or enter text into content to create a poster.

Under Sourcing Channel Type, click into the box and select from the drop-down options External site:

An option will appear underneath for External Career Site to be selected:

Click Select.

This will populate the Sourcing Channel Type and Sourcing Channel Name.

You will need to generate an Expiration Date for the QR code – the closing date for the role is advisable as after this point, candidate’s will not be able to access the online application form for the vacancy.

Once all the details have been entered, click Generate.

Against the posting tab, you will see a new link created and at the end, click the three dots and you’ll be given two options:

Download as PDFIf you have created a poster inside of TalentLink, this will allow you to download the poster as a PDF – ready to go.

Download as Word document: This will allow you to copy the QR code and manipulate text around the code for your promotional material.

How an end user uses the QR Code

Once a QR code has been generated from the system and circulated to potential candidate, they would use their mobile device through the camera functionality to scan the code and be taken to the application form for the role.

Note: dependent on mobile device, a QR code reader app may need to be downloaded by the end user to optimise the QR code functionality