Before building your dependencies on a form, it’s always recommended that you map out which dependencies are based on which questions, to avoid any confusion.

It’s important that when creating dependencies that you save as you go along and preview the form where possible to see how your dependencies are working. It’s always good to preview your dependencies tree as well to see where the dependency may be failing – it is a case of trial an error in this case, to try and identify and correct the issue. 

One thing to bear in mind is the order of the questions sitting within your form – if you change the order of the questions within your form, you may find that a dependency question may appear in the wrong place if that question is sitting in the form before or after the parent question.

Using the example form created within the Forms & Questionnaires Training Guide, a dependency was created based on the question ‘Are you HCPC registered’. If answered ‘Yes’, the end user would be prompted to enter their HCPC registration number – if they answered ‘No’, they would receive a message to say ‘Thank you, please continue’;

The above is taken to ‘Reorder view’ within the Form Builder. If I move this question, for example, to the bottom of the form;

When I preview the form, and answer ‘No’ to ‘Are you HCPC registered’, you can see that the ‘Thank you, please continue’ statement, now appears at the bottom of the form rather than underneath the initial question;

You need to ensure that your questions are sitting within your form in the correct order, especially when linked to dependencies so that they appear correctly in the preview.