Firstly, if you are unable to find a field within your Configurable Field Management list that you are trying to amend, more than likely, this is a field that has been created by a Global System Administrator on the team which is used by several organisations across the board, rather than locally. An example of this would be ‘Safeguarding check’.

Because of this, you are unable to change the values within these fields as this will have an effect on reporting for those organisations who use the field.

If you are using a Global Field and want to change the values, we would recommend that you create a new custom list by following the instructions within the guide and making this available through Organisation Properties. It is worth noting that only a Global System Administrator can de-activate and make amendments to a Global Field. 

If you can’t amend a value for a custom field, check the business rules of the field to make sure ‘Updateable’ has been selected;