You are able to make changes to forms in use – if you update a form which is attached to an active selection process, the changes will automatically update (therefore, you won’t have to upload new versions of the form in your selection process).

When you make changes to an active form, the system will ask you if you want to create a new active version – by clicking ‘Ok’, the form will be updated in the system;

You can also make changes to forms which are attached to your application process. If you edit a form which is active in an application process, the system will prompt you how many vacancies there are with this particular form in the application process and will ask you if you want to update them to the new version;

If you click ‘Yes’, note that the change that you have made will appear to new candidates who click apply. If a candidate is part way through an application form and has saved and resumed, they will submit an old version of the form, rather than the new.