The improved anonymisation functionality has now been activated and is live in TalentLink!

This functionality works alongside the new application form component and allows you to encrypt incoming application forms into TalentLink and decide when in your selection process those applications become decrypted. The functionality needs to be switched on by the WMJobs Team as a whole, however, when active, you can select on a job by job basis to switch on anonymisation. 

At the bottom of this page, you will see our Anonymisation Training Guide, which covers;

  • Which fields in TalentLink are anonymised 

  • Activating anonymisation as whole and on a job-by-job basis

  • Amending your selection process to decrypt candidate data

  • Searching for anonymised candidates

  • Anonymisation and merge fields/ad-hoc reports

There are things to consider when using anonymisation which are covered in the last page of the guide under the Troubleshooting/FAQ's section. 

We'd strongly suggest that if this is a functionality you are interested in to test this fully within Sandbox first to ensure the functionality meets your business needs, before rolling this out to your organisation.

If you have any queries regarding anonymisation, please raise a ticket via the Service Centre and we'll be more than happy to help.

You're good to go!