Similar to the previous role, Lumesse have created a new role that can restrict a user from being able to send the candidate file by email outside of TalentLink.

TalentLink users who do not have this role assigned, will not be able to email candidate files from areas within TalentLink such as;

- Candidate File > Send to email recipient

- Candidate File > Candidate Pack > Send

- Application > Selection step tab > Step menu > Candidate Pack > Send

- Application > Additional tasks tab > Candidate Pack > Send

- Applicant list > Candidate pack > Send

What does it mean for you?

As the data controller this gives you the ability to prevent users from being able to send a candidates personal information outside of TalentLink whereby the handling and deletion of candidate information is

What do you need to do?

This is something you need to review as part of your process as to whether you wish to allow your users to send personal information outside of TalentLink.

Initially Lumesse have added this new role to each of your users who currently have the ‘Basic access’ role.

If you want to continue allowing users to download their candidates personal documents you will need to ensure the role ‘Send Candidate file to external user’ is added to their user profile.

If you want to prevent users from sending candidates personal documents outside of TalentLink, you will need to remove this role if applied already or make sure the role is not added to any new users moving forward.

Role available to be added - to be activated by Lumesse in June